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Topias Kuhalampi

Topias Kuhalampi

Country: Finland
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #58599
About Topias:
I was born in 2000 and I’m from Nokia, Finland. I was introduced to disc golf when I was around 9 years old. Since European Open was held in my hometown for the first time in 2011 I’ve been addicted to this sport. I started to compete two years later. For a few years I competed in disc golf and was also active in ice hockey. It took me a while to decide to focus solely on disc golf. This happened before the Summer in 2016... That Summer I raised my rating by 47 points. That really boosted my confidence and made me practice more than ever before. Mental game is what I appreciate most in disc golf, which is also the thing that I often find myself struggling with. My dream is to be full time disc golfer and tour around the world – playing & doing what I love.
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