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Connagh McKinstry

Connagh McKinstry

From: New Plymouth, New Zealand
Joined Team Discmania: 2023

About Connagh:

From discovering Disc Golf in 2019 to winning the 2020 New Zealand North Island Championships Connagh McKinstry has found instant success on the course. Although still fairly fresh to the sport Connagh’s competitiveness and drive to become a better player has seen him consistently finish in the top 10 and win almost a third of all MPO events played in. Now signing with Team Discmania, he plans on taking his game to a new level and competing against the world’s best.

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2022 New Zealand North Island Champion
  • 3rd place 2022 New Zealand National Championship

Follow Connagh:

Top 6 Discs:

Enigma, PD2, MD3, FD and the Flex 2 P2's

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