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Lucas Carmichael

Lucas Carmichael

From: Greeley, CO, USA
Joined Team Discmania: 

About Lucas:

Lucas first discovered disc golf in August of 2020.  After spending years playing 3rd base on a travel baseball team, Lucas wanted to try something different.  He stumbled into disc golf and got hooked.  Lucas spent countless hours watching disc golf videos online and doing field work at the football field at his high school.  It wasn’t long before Lucas went from being barely able to throw the disc to the 50 yard line, to being able to throw the disc all the way over the back fence of the field. 

Lucas’ first sanctioned tournament was in February of 2021.  While he won the MJ18 division that day, the round ratings were 820.  Lucas worked tirelessly every day to improve and is now winning tournaments in the MA1 division.  Lucas’ hard work has paid off and he regularly throws 1000+ rated rounds.

Lucas is known for a big backhand but more notably, his monster forehand.  Once Lucas added consistent C1 and C2 putting, he became hard to beat.  Lucas went from zero disc golf experience to being a member of Team Discmania in a short amount of time.  Lucas works to grow the game and conducts disc golf coaching clinics for city-sponsored children’s events and for local elementary schools.  Lucas is following in Kyle Klein’s footsteps with a dual sponsorship by the National Amateur Disc Golf Tour.

Notable titles and feats:

  • 2022 Memorial Championship - MA1 Champion
  • 2022 Rocky Mountain Amateur Championship - MA1 Champion
  • 2021 Johnny Roberts Memorial Championship - MA2 Champion   


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