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Declan Bransby

Declan Bransby

Country: England
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #82797
About Declan:
My name is Declan Bransby, I live in the south of England and I’m turning 17 in 2018. I started playing disc golf in 2013 but seriously started touring the UK in 2015. I found the sport through a friend of my dad who played the local rounds at Brighton’s temporary course. Ever since then I’ve played more or less every weekend. My time off the course is often occupied by socialising with friends or playing basketball. My goal for this upcoming season is to retain my British Open and British Championship titles and venture around Europe to compete in several EuroTour events. My current rating is in the 960s but in the foreseeable future I hope to climb to the 1000-rated mark.

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