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Andreas Gertsch

Country: Switzerland
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #13808
About Andreas:

Competitive sports, art, coaching and strategy were part of my life since I was 9. No wonder I was attracted to Disc Golf at the age of 30. Since then this breathtaking sport has accompanied me almost a daily basis. Disc Golf is the most fascinating sport I can imagine. It is shaped by endurance, strength, speed, technique, coordinative capabilities and strategy. “The magic of the shot” combines all these components and in the blink of an eye makes the difference between success and failure.

In Discmania I have found a partner who is interested in the development of the sport, the team and its surroundings and who is also willing to provide best Disc Golf services to anyone interested in this amazing sport. I am extraordinarily pleased to work with the team and to support all team members and everyone interested in Disc Golf with my knowledge and skills.

I am convinced we all will have lots of fun and success with the team and the company during the next years and we sure will celebrate great moments together.

Andrei Betea

Country: Germany
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #8316
About Andrei
I’m the youngest winner of the German Disc Golf Championships in the Open division with only 15 years of age. After a long break I started playing disc golf again. After one year of training(2015) I became as one of the best players in Germany. My goal is to reach a 1k+ rating and motivate other people by giving them disc golf lessons and clinics.

Anna-Sofia Haipus

Country: Finland
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #84782
About Anna-Sofia
I was born in 2000 in Ähtäri, Finland. My whole life has been full of all kind of sports and I really love to challenge myself. I fell in love with this awesome sport accidentally in 2015 when I had injured my knee. I couldn’t play football or volleyball for months so I had to find some other sports during that time. So I decided to try something totally different, disc golf! And as you can guess, I became addicted immediately.

There is something special in disc golf that fascinates me. It is the spirit of the game, which is just amazing. I have played so many different sports and I can’t compare disc golf with anything else. I am so happy that I found disc golf. This sport has given me unforgettable experiences and I’m sure more is coming. I’m really pleased to work with Discmania and with the Team.

Declan Bransby

Country: England
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #82797
About Declan:
My name is Declan Bransby, I live in the south of England and I’m turning 17 in 2018. I started playing disc golf in 2013 but seriously started touring the UK in 2015. I found the sport through a friend of my dad who played the local rounds at Brighton’s temporary course. Ever since then I’ve played more or less every weekend. My time off the course is often occupied by socialising with friends or playing basketball. My goal for this upcoming season is to retain my British Open and British Championship titles and venture around Europe to compete in several EuroTour events. My current rating is in the 960s but in the foreseeable future I hope to climb to the 1000-rated mark.

Juho Vähätalo

Country: Finland
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #45174
About Juho
I am a disc golfer born in 1995 hailing from Nokia, Finland, the home of the European Open. I’ve played disc golf since the summer of 2009. Disc golf has been a big part of my life since then. I love the spirit of the game and all the experiences it offers to me.

Kryštof Novák

Country: Czech Republic
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #55426
About Kryštof
I was born in 1994 in Novy Jicin, Czech Republic as the 4th child. My brother showed me disc golf when I was 14 years old. I became addicted immediately. I have been playing since then, travelling through our country, Europe and US. I love the challenge of disc golf; to make a perfect shot, hole, round. You can play your home course a 1000 times but it’s never the same twice. I am involved in the growth of disc golf in our country, helping with building new DiscGolfParks, running an online store and several tournaments throughout the year. So basically, there is no me outside of disc golf. I fell in love with Discmania in summer 2015. I share the same vision and want to make disc golf one of the big sports. That is why I am so honored to be on Team Discmania. I want to represent disc golf and the brand in the best possible way. My current goal is to become the best player in the Central European region.

Lars Jansson

Country: Sweden
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #39679
About Lars
I was born in 1984 and I’m from Uppsala, Sweden. Disc golf has been a big part of my life since 2007 and hopefully will continue to be for many years to come. I really love how disc golf allows me to meet great people on courses all over the world – anywhere from Sweden, California and Iceland – and how we all share the same dream about making that perfect shot. As a member of the Discmania team I want to be an ambassador of this great sport while I strive for my long term goal of becoming a 1000-rated player.

Mikael Birkelund

Country: Denmark
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #31303
About Mikael
I’ve been playing since 1997, but started my disc sport journey by playing a lot of Ultimate. For a few years I played both sports, and participated in national and European tournaments. I’ve been deeply engaged in developing and organizing disc sports in Denmark, and I was one of the first to import and distribute discs to the Danish market. I love to teach and help players improve both their technical skills and their mental game. I won the Berlin Open in 2006, and I am currently among top five players in Denmark.

Mikael Räsänen

Country: Finland
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #73312
About Mikael
I am disc golfer born in 2001 from a central Finnish town of Kuopio. I have played disc golf since 2013 and from the first day on I think I have played every day. I won the Finnish amateur tour 2016 in U15 division, became the Finnish Disc Golf Champion 2016 U15 and Finnish Doubles Disc Golf Champion 2016 U15. I do love the game and want to become the best disc golfer!

Niklas Anttila

Country: Finland
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #91249
About Niklas:
I was born in Kuopio in 2001. I tried out disc golf for the first time in the autumn of 2015. I didn’t take long for me to realize how fun it is to play this game. By the spring 2016 I was playing every day and really wanted to be good at it. Season 2017 was the first competitive year for me. I can be very demanding to myself and one day I want to be the best disc golfer in the world. I’m grateful to be a part of the Team Discmania!

Niko Rättyä

Country: Finland
Dominant hand Right
PDGA: #52488
About Niko

I’m a disc golfer from Ylivieska, northern Finland, born in 1997. I started playing disc golf in 2009, when I was on 5th grade in elementary school. Quite quickly after that I started competing in some local competitions with good results. My biggest achievement is silver medal in the 2014 European Championships in U19 division. The upcoming 2017 season is looking a bit choppy as I’m currently doing my mandatory military service in the Finnish defense forces. Nevertheless I’m looking to practice hard and succeed by doing so as I was granted some extra vacation from the defense forces that I can spend on training and competing in disc golf.

Topias Kuhalampi

Country: Finland
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #58599
About Topias:
I was born in 2000 and I’m from Nokia, Finland. I was introduced to disc golf when I was around 9 years old. Since European Open was held on my home town for the first time in 2011 I’ve been addicted to this sport. I started to compete in two years later. In 2016 – the following summer after quiiting ice hockey – I raised my rating by 47 points. That really raised my confidence and made me practice more than ever before. Mental game is what I appreciate most in disc golf, which is also the thing that I often find myself struggleing with. My dream is to be full time disc golfer and tour around the world – playing & doing what I love.

Tuomas Hyytiäinen

Country: Finland
Dominant hand: Right
PDGA: #65715
About Tuomas:
I was born in Helsinki in 1999. I started playing disc golf in 2013. Only after playing one month I participated to my first competition ever at my home course. Ever since that I have been hooked on disc golf. I like to help others and I want to do my best to grow the sport. I like to throw big shots and that’s my strength. My goal is to succeed in the world’s biggest competitions and to someday be the highest rated player in the world.

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